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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sales Management Training - The Achieve Model

Before blaming your sales staff for performance have you evaluated the situation using...

 The Achieve Model

A: ABILITY: Does the sales person possess the skills necessary to perform the specific task at hand?  We don't want to set sales people up for failure. Are your staff receiving the correct sales training for the job?
C: CLARITY: Does the sales person understand exactly what I expect from him/her? Do not assume that everyone has the same knowledge as you do. Remember, the burden of Communication fails on the Communicator, not the other way around.
H: HELP: Does the sales person know that he/she can comfortably ask for help? Projects are more productive and achieve better results if run by a close knit team rather than one person. It is okay for the delegated to delegate downward again, if that is the most efficient way of doing things.
I: INCENTIVE: Does the sales person understand the reward or recognition system in their job? Do your incentives work? Are the right incentives in place?
E: ENVIRONMENT: Does the sales person understand the norms, rules, policies, and procedures? New members tend to break these all the time; do not assume that all members know proper procedures....they need to be taught. Is the sales environment correct for the duties of the job?
V: VALIDITY: Does the sales person see this task as a part of his/her job? Is what I am asking legally or morally sound? Always consider how an activity relates to the job role.
E: EVALUATION: Does the sales person understand the evaluation system used? If you are a sales manager, do you perform quarterly evaluations on your sales people and work with them on a plan of action? This will help them understand what your expectations of them are, and will help them measure their own improvements. Plan of actions also help with progression within the business.

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