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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sales Training (Commitment to Excellence)

Here's the thing that people forget about sales training; great quality sales training is guaranteed to make you money. Great sales training also saves you money because it reduces employee turnover.

Employees have to know what to do in any specific situation. I was recently watching an Ultimate Fighting event on TV and two of the fighters were grappling on the ground, moving from position to position to gain an advantage or an opening that would help win them the fight by submission. Here's the key thing I noticed, they new exactly where and how to move when in trouble. It was poetry in motion. Like a grand chess master thinking multiple moves ahead.

How did these moves become second nature? You guessed it...practice, practice, practice or you could say repetition, repetition, repetition. It's the same in selling as it is in any professional sport; you must practice lessons over and over again until they become second nature.

Most potential clients ask how much for a day's training? However this is not the important factor. The important factor or I should say the important question is how do we get this kind of result? The answer is to have an ongoing sales training programme over a sustained period of time. Any sales training company that advises you to have a day's sales training is only thinking about the money they can make and not what it will take to get you the result!

At the end of the day your company's hard earned cash is investing in a result, not in sales training!

So like those mixed martial artists, get daily practice in and work at your game consistently over a sustained period of time until those selling moves become second nature. Give us a call at Mindcell Sales Training and we will discuss the best sales training programmes we have available that suit your needs.

At Mindcell Sales Training we have all the resources to help you master all key areas that will take your sales to the next level and beyond. Call NOW on 02380 986 222 or email us at to discuss how we can help your business double it's sales!

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