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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Using Hypnosis to Close More Sales

The 4 Buy Hypnotic Close 

This uses four ambiguous buy commands without the client realising that you are influencing their unconscious mind.

Here is an example that I used for a website company.

By now I’m sure that you can see all the benefits of our websites and content management system and a by product of our websites is the outstanding customer service and training you receive. By now you’ve probably made your decision to get things moving and by the way we can have the first draught to you within 3 days. So will we get started on this for you? Yes?”

 So have a think about how you can adapt this for your sales pitch.

And remember...sales training is exactly what it says...sales TRAINING! You must train yourself day in day out until all techniques become second nature.

To your successful persuading!


Stephen Tierney is a master sales trainer and advanced hypnotist. To find out how he can train your sales people call now on 02380 986 222 or email now at


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