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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Increasing Your Selling Skills

I recently read an article by American marketer Dan Kennedy that struck me as so true and I feel this not only has a major impact in selling but in every facet of life. Here's what he said

 "Everything I do - and that I see other exceptionally successful people do - that makes me money or gives me fame or is what I am best at or the thing I really like doing - is preceded and followed by a ton of stuff that I don't want to do at all. That is why talent, even extraordinary talent, fails so many people; their inability to discipline themselves to do all the crap they're not talented at and aren't interested in - all of which is required to capitalise on the talent."

Isn't this so true?

The amount of sales people who go through sales training courses but don't work at their sales game is incredible. You must work hard through all the crap, continually analysing your sales results to become better. Do all the hard work, the extra hours outside of work, reading sales books, watching sales training dvd's, listening to sales skills audio programmes and more importantly implement massive action. Do all of this and your increase in sales results will begin to form and speak for themselves.

And one final word on this. Sometimes it's not just what you do in selling but how you do it! Whatever you do in your sales job...don't go through the motions!

Have a great sales day!

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