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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Strong words from Dr. Cialdini

There’s no disputing the fact that right now the economic climate is more difficult than it could be.

Training is often one of the first costs to be slashed in difficult economic times, isn’t it?

However, studies from Dr. Robert Cialdini have proven that those employers who invest in training during difficult economic times experience an immediate increase in profit during those difficult times.

The evidence is that “training is extremely cost effective."

He goes on to say,

Even more importantly - when those difficult times end, and they always do, those employers who have invested in their staff get a significant advantage over their rivals.

That doubles the advantage that they got during the difficult times.

And their staff are now in a position to take advantage of the economic upturn with their increased abilities and training capacities.

He also says that,

“One thing employers can do is to invest their staff in the training of persuasion because I can't think of a single core skill that would be more promotive of business success than the ability to move people in our direction - without the use of coercion or deception.”

And this applies across all of the range of business functions, it applies to sales and marketing, it applies to management and leadership, it applies to procurement, it applies to customer service and so on.

Professor Cialdini is a best selling author and you can read more on his own website , Wikipedia, Youtube and many other sources.

At Mindcell training we offer a totally unique combination of NLP, psychology, hypnosis and the very latest sales skills to best arm our clients for selling.

Many say that everything new tends to come from the USA and we would also tend to agree. We are pleased to announce that as a company we are now certified in the use of Axiametrics, being one of only a handful of training companies in the UK to offer such detailed profiling of coachees. Axiametrics is used in the USA by companies such as IBM, Meryll Lynch and NASA to get the very best people and understand how to train them most effectively.

Training is now very much a true science, not the art form it has once been. Remind your prospects of Cialdini’s proofs and always choose a sales training provider that can offer only the very latest techniques to ensure that you maximise your investment.

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