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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sales Training Tip - Building trust from the off

Stephen Tierney would like to thank Ari for his offering below.

Below is an interesting topic that I learned from Ari personally and have been teaching at my training events ever since.

Read it and think about where your mindset is at the start of every call.

“Change Your Mental Objective Before You Make the Call.” What I’m suggesting here is that most people who pick up the phone and make a cold call – in their mind, they’re already hoping to either make a sale or make an appointment. That’s where their mindset is and what’s interesting is that people on the other side of the phone can pick that up. What it does is, it bypasses the whole process of you first having to focus your mind on building trust in a conversation.

So, I’m going to suggest that by you shifting your focus from thinking and hoping to make the sale on your call – what I’m suggesting today is instead of that, replace that with your mental focus being, “I’m going to make this phone call right now to build a conversation, to engage in a level of trust in order to allow information to exchange back and forth in order for me to determine if there’s a fit or not here.” So what I’m talking here is changing the way you think before you even pick up the phone.

Instead of hoping to make this sale or this appointment, which is bypassing the whole process of actually building trust, to stay focused on the first few elements which is most important, which is actually building a conversation. What happens is our words don’t match our thinking. That’s the problem. So, people can pick up when your mind is someplace else and not focused on the conversation.

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