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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mind Control - How to Control your Clients Thinking

I was working with one of my main corporate clients recently and one of the sales directors asked me a very interesting question. He asked "Is it possible to control our clients minds in ways like Derren Brown does but in a sales environment?" Great question and my reply was...YES ABSOLUTELY!

Let me show you...

There is certain questions you can ask that will automatically make them think of the question and then more importantly want the answer.

Here are some examples:

"I suppose you're wondering...?"

"I guess you're thinking...?"

In a sales environment - "I suppose your wondering what the next steps are?"
"I guess you're thinking how this will increase performance?"
The beauty of these questions are that no one replies with "No. I wasn't thinking that at all."

They reply with asking what are the next steps and how will it increase performance and if they weren't thinking of these questions you've now just made them do so. Perfectly controlling their thoughts.

So there you go. A bit of advanced 'Derren Brown" sales persuasion mind control!

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