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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Power of Thoughts - Mindtrick 1 (Law of Substitution)

We've all heard before that in selling we should have a positive mindset. As a manager it's a must, but has anyone explained why?

Well the mind works in mysterious ways and one of them is the law of substitution. You see the law of substitution states that your conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time.

So every day make sure you don't entertain negative thoughts for too long. Make sure from now on that you never allow a negative thought to remain in your mind. Use the law of substitution to eliminate the negative thought by a positive substitution.

Begin programming your mind today! Filling your mind with positive replacements begins the transformation of a changing life. And when you change your thoughts, you change your World!

If you want better sales results....change the way you think.
If you want to be a better sales manager...then lead by example.

Use the law of substitution starting today!

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