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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Face to Face Sales Tip - Buyer's priorities before sales pitch

If you do face to face selling then this is a great sales tip to do before making your sales pitch.

When you are sat down and asking your fact finding questions, questions like "What are the most important things you must have?" etc. As you make notes on let's say the five things the client has mentioned are most important and you've already asked the key question that I teach "What else?"

Then at this point here is the key secret selling technique to do...

slide your notebook over to the client and ask him or her to prioritise in numbers one to five the importance of the five key things on their list.

Now when they prioritise them, you are NOW ready to piece together your sales pitch and you now know which one is the most important one to focus on to close your sale.

Another great point on this is they have interacted with you and if you sell to them and cover all aspects of the five key areas they mentioned then there is NO reason for them to say no to the sale.

So there you have it. Another sales tip for you to apply and another sales tip that will help increase your sales performance. As always keep adding to your sales training repertoire and be the best and break all sales records!!

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