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Monday, 16 May 2011

NLP Persuasion Training - Statement / Question

Another great persuasion technique to use in conversation with a client is the statement question technique. When you make a bold statement and follow it straight away with a question to the client, if the client answers your question without mentioning anything about your bold statement then their unconscious mind excepts the statement as true.

Here's an example:

"Our sales training is consistently voted the best in the UK for increasing sales performance. What made you decide to look for external sales training now?"

This is just another great example of sales persuasion at work. When you mix this with the rest of your bag of selling tools (including NLP and Hypnotic language) you will be increasing sales performance in no time.

Mindcell Sales Training gives you the latest cutting edge sales persuasion techniques to improve sales performance and leadership performance.

So when your next selling remember to use the statement question technique to improve your sales performance.

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