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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Questions that change the customer's mind

Questions for Change

Like chess moves think about questions that will lead them down the path that you want so you uncover real pains. Here is an example below:

You: “What challenges do you have with the software you have at the moment?”
Client : “Well the x and y is a bit time consuming.”

You: “And what impact does this have on your work?”

Client: “It takes up more of our time.”
You: “What does excess time on one part of your job cost you?”

Client: “I guess the bottom line is it costs us money.”
You: “Sounds frustrating. Is it frustrating?”

Client: “Yes very.”

You: “So if we had a product that was easily quicker and smoother and took away all the frustration and in turn saved you money, I guess you would be very interested…yes?”
Client: “YES!”

This is just a short example of consultative selling. Ask more questions to find the real pains and make the pains bigger and noticeable then deliver your solution later in the presentation. By doing this your solution (i.e. your product) will have a greater impact.

Questions are key to great selling especially in the bigger sales products and services. Practice writing out questions that you ask and at least 3 or 4 follow on questions that can peel away the layers of your client.

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