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Thursday, 4 November 2010


Quite often, in Sales training, people mention their performance previously, and events that are likely to occur in the future. The sale that didn't quite happen for any given reason, or the dead cert sale that's in the bag for next week. These focus on the past and on the future.

An important aspect of becoming a better sales person or manager is certainly reflecting on past experiences and working towards a specific goal, however, the focus at any given time must always be on the present.

This is true not only in sales but in fact in any discipline where the result can be influenced. For example, if you look at any professional sports person at the top of their game they always concentrate on what is happening at that specific point in time.

Take a professional golfer. His, or her game will be made up of hundreds of individual shots and each one will affect the result overall. The player can have hundreds of "what ifs" to think about from the previous shot, the pressure from other players, fans, sponsors, family and so on. There's also the matter of the future scenarios depending on the outcome of each shot to take into account also. If the player was to think about all these different situations that had occurred and what could occur it would mean that they would be distracted from the present situation. The past can not be changed now and nor can the future.

The only way to achieve the best possible result is by concentrating fully on the only thing that you have full control over, and that is the present - the NOW.

This is exactly the same when pitching to a prospect over the telephone, presenting the flagship product to the board or simply prospecting. By focusing 100% of your efforts to the current task in hand you increase your chances of getting that result that you desire!

What happened in the past provides useful feedback to improve and setting future goals are both essential - focusing on what is happening NOW is what gets the result.

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