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Thursday, 25 November 2010

How to get past gatekeepers

If you're in sales then you know how difficult and frustrating gatekeepers can be; You know the PA's that ask you who you are then consistently tell you that the contact your looking for is not available or their in a meeting etc.

So here is how to get past them.

Step 1 : Always get their name - This will set up your next call to them in a very clever way. For example when they give you the usual reply he's not available etc. just say "And your name was?" and when they give you it say "Thank you (Name) you've been really helpful today."

Step 2: The callback - Now this sets up your follow on call a day or so later. You call up and say the following "Hi (Name) is Bob(or whoever you may be asking for) there please it's Stephen?" At this point the gatekeeper will ask "From which company?" This sets up step 3...

Step 3: Answer and Command - You will answer and then give them a command with a please and thank you. For example...

"From Mindcell training so if you could put me through please that would be great. Thank you."

You may also get them asking "What's it regarding?" The same rule applies however don't give too much away. Here is an example..

"It's regarding the correspondence we've had so if you could put me through please that would be great thank you."

Key Points - You see gatekeepers are used to taking commands. It is their position in the pecking order and when you give a polite and professional command with a please and thank you, they just can't say no. Try it. It has increased most of my clients hit rates by easily over 60%.

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