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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Selling - 20% Mechanics 80% Psychology

Most sales jobs are 20% mechanics & 80% psychology. Think about it. We can all second guess the process of selling a car, a house, a product or service, so if the processes are so simple then what makes the difference. Knowledge is one, but knowledge is part of any fundamental learning of a new job so what makes the difference after knowledge? It comes down to the psychology of the individual. How they think. Are they an individual that believes in working on their skills, do they work on their states of mind for selling?

I have seen many a talented salesperson waste their talent due to a bad attitude. Due to being in the wrong state of mind more often than not. Individuals who don't look at the bigger picture. Individuals who complain about everything round about them and don't take accountability themselves.

When you feel that you are much more than the job your in, that there must be more to life, that your better than this, then look at your state of mind, are you giving it your all and maximising your skills at that point in time? Because if the answer is no then other opportunities will not come your way because you are not attracting them. Opportunities come to those who are giving it everything and making themselves so much better than the rest of the field.

So remember this.....each salesperson in your work knows the mechanics of selling....but how many know and work on their psychology of selling. Their thoughts, their attitude, their motivation and their purpose.

Ask yourself out of 7 hours each working day, how many of those are quality hours, with quality thoughts. Are you training your mind for you or against you?

Work on your psychology for selling! Begin to think more positive and work on your mental game. If you have the right attitude, and train the right thoughts, your sales will no doubt increase and opportunities will begin to appear. Don't take my word on that.....try it and see what happens!

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