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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Practice Makes Permanent in Sales Training

You've probably heard the old saying that practice makes perfect however this is incorrect. Only perfect practice makes perfect, practice makes permanent.

In great sales training you send the client away on a high, buzzed up and at the ready with their new found sales persuasion tools and systems however for the training to be truly effective they must practice what they have learned. That's why most companies encompass sales coaching as a follow on to the training. This helps the client practice the right things and fast tracks success.

Do you work on your sales game? Like an athlete works on improving their performance how often do you work on improving your sales performance? And remember when you work on something make sure you are working on the right things to improve your game and not working on consistent bad habits.

Here is just 3 things to work on that will give guaranteed improvements:

1. Attitude and Mindset - Work on being in the right state of mind and saying the right things internally to stay in a positive mindset. Practice being in state more often each day. Program your mind with positive things (here's my sales motivation book for free to get you started), watch sales training videos, buy programs, most of all invest in yourself. Give 100% to what you do!
2. Questions You Ask - Work on the questions you ask the client. Are the questions you ask revealing the correct info you need to sell to them. See earlier blogs on questioning skills. And remember A.A.N.T.T (Always ask never tell for ten) as a rule of thumb try and spend the first ten minutes on new calls fact finding and asking questions.
3. What Works and What Doesn't - Analyse and take note of how you can improve your calls and what works and what doesn't. Work especially on analysing after success. Most people anaylise after failure but if we've It's amazing how many people don't work on their sales game.

Be exceptional, don't be just another number, practice the right things and work on your sales performance like an athlete would work on their sports performance.

Have a successful sales day!

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