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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Questions to Improve your Selling

The Art of Questioning (Some of the best questions for solution selling)

The art of asking the right questions is one of the biggest secrets to selling. Too often I see sales executives not asking enough questions and ploughing straight into their sales pitch. "We have this, we have that, we can do this, we can do that" when really they should be asking great questions and listening intently.

Great questions gives us great answers that tell us how to sell to the client. The client gives constant clues to what really matters to them. They tell us things that give them pain in their life and give away what type of client they are, so you can pitch to them in their language.

Here is some great questions to ask to your clients. (You can tweak these to your product or service that you are offering):

"What is the most important things that you are looking for?"

"What would having this mean to your business?"

"What difficulties do you have at the moment?"

"How soon would you be looking to rectify this?"

"What has prompted you to make the decision to.... (service, product, etc.)?
"What will happen if you don't do something about it?"

"What's driving your need for change?"

"What originally lead you to this decision?"

"Why is it important to you?"

"If you can achieve this result, what will it mean to you?"

"Which is the most important to you...price, quality, ease of use, customer support, delivery?" Which of these is the least?"

"How important is price compared to service? Compared to quality?"

"What if you don't get (product or service) what will the ramifications be?"

"Can you afford not to take action?"

"If we could give you (product, service) that fulfills all your needs, what would that enable you to do or achieve?"

Here is some of the things you should listen out for:

  • Pains that the client has.
  • Their predominant language patterns- Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (more about this later) pitch to them in their own predominant pattern.
  • Words they use often (Use them back to create rapport).
  • Buying signals. (When they start asking some questions).

Good luck, keep improving and keep selling and remember.....ask more questions!

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