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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hypnosis in Sales "New Sales Tools for a New Generation"

Times have changed from the old hard closing days of the 80's an that is why sales training today needs to evolve too. Nowadays as salespeople we must become "Masters of Rapport", influencers and persuaders of the highest level. If you are not using the following then you need to update your selling tools:

- Hypnotic Language Patterns
- NLP Communication
- NLP Sales Skills
- Power Questioning Techniques
- Body Language Mastery (Face to Face Selling)

There will be more on all of these later in the blog but let's take a quick look at one point on Hypnotic Selling! And that is.....

Embedded Commands: Embedded commands are covert commands that are placed within conversation to persuade the client more at an unconscious level. The secret to embedded commands is to make the commands stand out without being too obvious. This can be done by a slight change in tonality or an ever so slight pause before and after the command. Here are 2 examples below.

"By now you are probably wondering if we are the right company for you! So let me tell you that a by product of our (X) is the excellent customer service you receive. And by the way we can have this delivered within 3 days. Shall we go ahead? Yes?"

"Hello, I'm sure that, you, like me, want value for money, that's why by now you're probably wondering whether our latest model is the right one for you."

As you can see the embedded commands have been highlighted in bold. The word "by" has an ambigous meaning. You are covertly commanding the clients unconcious mind to "buy" the product. Also in the second example you are directly telling the customer's unconscious mind that "they like you" and that we are "the right one for them."

These examples are just scratching the surface of covert persuasion so keep tapping in for more soon.

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