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Monday, 24 May 2010

Football & Man Management - Are you the captain of your business?

When sales are in decline we often look to quickly to the salespeople to find fault. On occasions we must also look at the Sales Manager who is leading the team. Motivation is hugely important: make your team believe they are winners and that anything is possible and you will find they can achieve things way beyond their expected capabilities.

I read recently about Brian Clough. The legendary manager of Nottingham Forest, who took an ordinary group of players, then in Division Two, and turned them into the top team in Europe. A modern equivalent is Jose Mourinho of Inter Milan. Jose pre-plans his games in great detail leaving nothing to chance. Under Mourinho the players feel hugely confident as he creates a sense that success is inevitable.

Do you create a sense that success is inevitable? Are you as a Sales Manager leading your staff by example? Putting in great detail to your work and running of the team? Do you inspire and instill confidence in your team?

To become a successful sales manager is very much like a successful football manager. If we expect hard work, we must show hard work. If we expect good work rate, we must show good work rate. If we expect the best, we must give the best. Here are some tips for Sales Manager Success:

1. Lead by Example- Become the change you want to see.
2. Support & Compliment- Sometimes as managers we get so caught up on what needs improved that we forget everything that is going well. Have a day when you do nothing but compliment your staff.
3. Inspire & Motivate - When you take your meetings make sure they have a purpose. Make sure you know your staff. Are they the type who like an arm round them or are they the type that need fired up. Give rewards, give praise and let each one know they are valued. Work closely on goal setting both individually and as a team. Just remember Mourinho makes his team FEEL IMPORTANT. Do you?
4. Don't forget your star performers - Too many sales managers are busy working with their under performers that they tend to forget their star performers. For today just remember to thank your top performers for being someone that you can depend on and continue to make them feel wanted and special.
5. Make work Fun - When your staff enjoy work you have less absenteeism and better work ethic. Integrate games with goals.

Stephen Tierney has lead successful sales teams for over 12 years. Setting records with every sales team he has worked with. For the past 5 years he has successfully trained management teams on Inspiring Leadership and how to become a Motivational Manager. If you have sales managers requiring an extra boost and are looking for training that inspires and gets results call Mindcell now!!

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